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Sunday, September 29, 2019 -
Rajna SwaminathanWomen in Percussion Festival: Rajna Swaminathan + MangalLula LoungeToronto, ON, CanadaBoston/New York-based mrudangam artist and composer Rajna Swaminathan brings together a unique ensemble of Toronto-based improvisers for a collaborative exploration of sound and movement. Rajna’s compositional project, Mangal, is inspired by the Sanskrit ‘mangal’ — signifying harmonious or auspicious timing — and the more obscure English meaning of ‘mangal,’ referring to an assemblage of mangrove trees, whose rhizome roots are entangled together, blurring the boundaries between individual and collective. This hybrid imagery of serendipitous multiplicity serves as a poetic impulse for improvisational expansion and interdisciplinary resonance. Rajna Swaminathan (mrudangam/voice), Anne Bourne (cello/voice), Germaine Liu (percussion, found objects), Justin Gray (bass veena), + special guest Nyda Kwasowsky (dance)CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO