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T r o p o s
Tropos — comprising of vocalist Laila Smith, saxophonist Raef Sengupta, pianist Phillip Golub, bassist Zachary Lavine, and drummer/percussionist Mario Layne Fabrizio — is a quintet of improvisers and composers based in Boston and NYC. Tropos’ method is centered around highly attuned and detailed listening through which they explore the limitlessness of form, memory, and thematic material. They engage as specifically as possible across a variety of parameters with each other’s improvisational offerings. Sometimes soloistic voices emerge while other times a balanced ensemble collectivity unfolds. In addition to free improvising, Tropos draws on composed material by all the members of the group and utilizes methodologies and compositions of various improvisers of the past, especially Albert Ayler, Cecil Taylor, and Anthony Braxton. However, rather than imitating the sounds of the past, the individuals of Tropos interact with each other based upon a relational awareness of communication and a wide range of individual influences. Tropos formed in 2018 when its members were all studying in the Jazz and Contemporary Improvisation programs at the New England Conservatory.

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