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Wednesday, August 14, 2019 -
Rajna SwaminathanRajna Swaminathan's MangalThe Royal RoomSeattle, WARajna Swaminathan (mrudangam, compositions), Carlos Snaider (guitar), Samantha Boshnack (trumpet), Kelsey Mines (bass); live art by Zahyr Lauren

Led by percussionist-composer Rajna Swaminathan, Mangal brings together a group of thoughtful improvisers to spark new collective soundings and time-worlds. Rajna's compositions merge musical processes from South Indian music, jazz/creative music, and other forms, opening the door to lush and intricate improvisations. ‘Mangal' is a homonym with unique meanings in English and Sanskrit: the English 'mangal' refers to an assemblage of mangrove trees, whose roots are entangled in a chaotic web, making it difficult to individuate one tree from the interconnected collective; the Sanskrit 'mangal' is an epithet for that which is harmonious or auspiciously timed. The hybrid imagery of chaotic but serendipitous multiplicity in 'mangal' serves as a poetic impetus for improvisational flights and experimental textures.